6 Little Things We Forget To Be Grateful For

19 Jun

Let’s be honest. When you’re thinking about what you’re grateful for, items like toilet paper probably don’t make the list. But maybe it’s time to change that.

The anonymous creator of the Tumblr “Be Grateful For Toilet Paper” is on a mission to bring more awareness to the little things in life that few people ever feel thankful for, from morning cups of joe to sanitation workers to our very own senses of smell. It’s not a bad idea, considering people who express gratitude (for anything!) on a consistent basis may have a stronger immune system, higher levels of positive emotions and lower blood pressure.

Check out some of the artist’s gratitude illustrations below and take a little time to conjure up a little thankfulness. Here’s to the little, uncommon treasures in our lives we forget to acknowledge on a daily basis.


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