5 Key Things People Who Love Their Jobs Do Differently

25 May

Michael Poehlman via Getty Images

You’ve done it again.

Found yourself in another dead-end job that you just can’t stand.

You feel like you’ll never get anywhere and this is as good as it gets. You’re wondering why you can’t just be happy where you are. Maybe if you would have negotiated a little harder. Stuck to your guns about benefits. Asserted yourself just a little more. Things might have been different. You might appreciate your job.

But maybe not. Plenty of other people make more money than you do and rarely hit happy at work. You tell yourself to just be glad you have a job. But you suspect that’s not enough to make you happy where you are. And the hard reality is — you’re probably right. You’re still missing something.

And it very well could be this…

What’s the Secret to Loving Your Job?

People who love their jobs didn’t win the perfect job jackpot. They don’t just have a different job than you do. In fact, loving their job has very little to do with what they do at work at all. Find someone who says they love their job and you’ve found someone who loves their life. People who are happy with life before and after 5:00 p.m. do their whole lives differently. Here are some characteristics of people who love their jobs and five things they’re doing right all the time.

1. They follow their passion.
People who love their jobs do what they love at home, no matter what they do at work. They don’t wait till they can do it full-time. They don’t wait to save up a million dollars. They follow their passion right now — any way they can. They know that their job doesn’t need to be their passion and that sometimes it works out better to keep their hobbies completely separate. They don’t resent their job for getting in the way of doing what they love. They appreciate the security it affords them to pursue their other interests.

2. They look for the happy people.
People who are happy with their lives and love working every day hang around other people who are happy too. They don’t sit around gossiping. They steer clear of the rabble-rousers who drag down morale. Instead, they practice constructive habits with others. They stay on the lookout for positive people who build up the workplace instead of tearing it down with negativity.

3. They start their day the way they want to finish it.
People who are happy at work deliberately set the tone for their entire day. From the moment they wake up, they make an effort to create a calm, positive mindset and clear the chaos from their world. You won’t catch them hanging out with the drama queens. They love being at work because they practice how to think clearly, lose the attitude, and stay motivated during the day.

4. They don’t expect their job to make them happy.
They create their own fulfillment and feel useful both in and out of the workplace. They take Amy Poehler’s advice and treat their job like a bad boyfriend. You know it’s not going to call the next day, let alone ask you to marry it. So they don’t expect it to. People who love their jobs are already satisfied. They don’t need their job to complete them.

5. They prefer excellence over perfection.
People who love their jobs always do their best. Whether at home or at work, they pursue excellence in everything they do. They don’t get caught up in trying to fabricate the perfect result. They don’t beat themselves up if things don’t go just as planned. They know that when they take care to perform well, their outcomes meet standards of excellence. No matter if it’s before or after 5:00pm, they can always take pride in a job well done.

The One Thing Standing in Your Way

Nine-to-five is a long time to have to grit your teeth and bear it every day. If you want the rewards of loving your job, start living a rewarding life.

Loving life takes effort. It requires passion. And deliberate practice. And showing up with excellence.

Stick with it, and you’ll change the way you show up during nine-to-five, too. Loving your job depends on it. The only thing you need to decide is, how bad do you want it?

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