3-Minute Core-rushing Lower Ab Blast

7 Nov

last week, Tone House trainer Lauren Williams had you using total-body moves to target your entire core. That was fun, right? If you’re up for another (ab) challenge, you’ll like this week’s workout even more. We’ve upped the time factor by a minute (three minutes total) and zeroed in on a particular part of your core: your lower abs. “Make sure to keep your back from over-arching in these positions, so you get max activation in your lower abs,” says Williams. Yep, that means no cheating.

Your plan: On Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, complete 45 seconds each of dead bugs, leg drops, alternating toe touches, and scissors for a three-minute lower ab blast. (Watch the video above to nail the form for each exercise.) And similar to last week, we’ve added cardio bursts on Tuesday (40 seconds of HIIT tuck jumps, followed by 20 seconds of rest) and Friday (30 seconds of all-out sprints with 75 seconds of recovery). No one will see your toned abs if there’s a layer of fat over ’em, right? Take a breather on Saturday (try cooking with thesefat-fighting superfoods), and check the full 30-day ab challenge for next week’s plan. Ready, set, sculpt!


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