14 Bathroom Inventions You Didn’t Realize You Needed

29 Jun


Trips to the bathroom are mostly utilitarian. You’re in, and you’re out (barring those occasions when things go horribly awry).

While it’s probably best your bathroom experiences remain run-of-the-mill, there are some fantastically functional items that you probably never even knew you needed and that will improve your bathroom break tenfold. Helping you rationalize a little more flair and a lot more function in this oft-overlooked area of the home, in partnership with Quilted Northern we rounded up some nifty additions that will make your next bathroom trip totally seamless.

1. A Toilet Seat Lifter
toilet seat lifter

Because your relationships don’t have to end this way. Acknowledge there’s a problem. Now, here’s one solution.

2. A Kitty Washroom
cat litter

Because doesn’t your furry friend deserve some privacy too? Don’t be an animal!

3. A Heated Towel Rack
heated towel rack

Because we need a little extra incentive to actually hang up our towels. If you’re not lying out on the beach, at least you can wrap yourself up in some warm, sunny comfort.

4. A Shaving Pedestal
shaving pedestal

Because balancing on one foot while wielding a weapon is never a good idea. … Give yourself a leg up!

5. A Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Because you like to dance where no one’s watching.

6. A Bathtub Water Deflector And Bubble Bath Dispenser

Because not every teardrop is a waterfall — moms will rejoice over a cascade that washes away their little ones’ worries while they enjoy their bubble bath. No soap in eyes allowed.

7. A Hair-Catching Sink And Shower Stopper

Because let’s face it, women shed. Avoid a clog and a fight — your man will be eternally grateful.

8. The Magnetic Soap Holder

Because soap is slippery, so you need it to stay put … Accidents happen.

9. The Living Bath Mat
moss bath mat

Because the naturalist in you always wants to be “in touch” with the outdoors. Pamper wet feet on this eco-friendly rug, and watch it grow. Ah, the great indoors!

10. A Windshield Wiper For The Bathroom Mirror

Because sometimes you just can’t wait a second longer to see your squeaky-clean self. Seriously, condensation cannot stop you!

11. The Blo & Go Hands-Free Hairdryer Stand

Because perfect hair is hard work. You need don’t just need a hand … you need both!

12. A Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Because the population is growing and resources are limited. Don’t waste!

13. A Temperature-Sensitive LED Faucet Light

Because you’re a visual learner. Judging the weather from indoors will remain a challenge, but now you can tell temperature before it’s too late.

14. A Glow-In-The-Dark Toilet Locator Strip
glowing toilet seat

Because we can all use someone — or in this case, something — to light the way.

Quilted Northern is crafted with over 100 years of experience & design, so you can forget your bathroom experience. Because the best bathroom trips are the ones you don’t remember.