11 Race Day Rules For Surviving Your First Marathon

1 Oct

If you’re training for your first marathon — or any distance race, really — chances are you’ve been putting in miles, turning down near-irresistible happy hours and eating a TON. Good on you! Making such a commitment is a brave and admirable act.

When race day finally comes, a mixture of nerves, excitement and adrenaline will probably surge within your whole body. You’ve been training for months and today is the day.

No matter how much work you’ve put into your training, there are bound to be some unexpected hiccups and questions on the day of the 26.2 mile race: Should you hold in your pee and run faster? Should you drink the water at every hydration station?

Stress not. The infographic below will abate most of your race-day jitters. Good luck! And remember: You’ll always PR on your first race, you champion.

How to Run a Marathon: Raceday Rules

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