10 Natural Ways To Give Yourself An Instant Energy Boost

8 Jun

What’s the hottest commodity around? Forget oil, gold or soybeans — for many people, it’s sleep.

We all want it, and few of us get enough. The Internet abounds with exhortations to sleep more, but what if you just can’t? Between meetings and soccer practices and getting dinner on the table, sometimes it’s impossible to get the recommended eight hours.

The most important, non-negotiable energy source is a true good night’s sleep (just ask Arianna Huffington), but if it’s one of those days where you still need a little extra help, there are ways to give yourself a boost of instant energy. Since we know you’re probably too busy (or tired) to go looking for ’em, we partnered with Garnier to bring you 10 natural tricks for feeling energized and more rested.

1. Bite into a lemon.


Need an instant (and all-natural) pick-me-up? Bite into a lemon: the tart citrus flavor is sure to make your eyes pop open. Consider keeping a few at your desk to help you get through those dreaded afternoon slumps.

2. Take a walk


Getting your blood pumping is a great way to feel energized, and even the busiest of people can fit a quick walk into their schedule. Have a call with a client? Take it while cruising around the block. Ran out of applesauce? Pop your toddler in a stroller and head to the neighborhood store.

3. Jump on the peppermint train
When you think of aromatherapy, relaxing scents like lavender and jasmine probably come to mind. But did you know scents can also make you feel more awake? One of the most powerful is peppermint; incorporate it into your day by sniffing peppermint oil, chewing peppermint gum or using peppermint body wash.

4. Meditate
Meditation is all the rage right now, and for good reason: it can lead to reduced stress, increased self-awareness, and better concentration. In other words, if you meditate regularly, it may become easier for you to maintain focus,- even when you’re tired. For a painless way to get started, download the Lucent app, which helps you meditate for five minutes each morning.

5. Drink a glass (or three) of water
glass water
The bad news: failing to replace just 1.5 percent of your water weight can lead to low energy levels. The good news: staying hydrated is free and easy. To encourage this healthy habit, try keeping a good-looking reusable water bottle in your purse, and flavor your H20 with a squeeze of fresh lemon (which, as we mentioned above, is another natural energy booster).

6. Try the “breath of fire”
This breathing technique is beloved by yogis as a way to bring oxygen to the brain, increasing both circulation and energy. It involves taking a series of short, intense exhales, followed by a slow inhale; here’s a video tutorial to help you get started.

7. Pump up the tunes
It’s amazing how much music can affect your mood. Whether you’re in the car or at work, turning on some upbeat music is a surefire way to feel more awake. For an extra shot of adrenaline, try one of Songza’s many playlists devoted to boosting your energy.

8. Tell yourself you slept well.
Though it sounds far-fetched, science backs up this simple mind trick; when participants in a study were told they slept well, they performed better on cognitive tests. So keep this trick up your sleeve for the next time you’re nodding off passing out during a meeting — it could be just the wake-up call you need.

9. Hop in a hot/cold/hot/cold shower
Though you may think your hot shower wakes you up in the morning, that’s just because you haven’t tried hot and cold hydrotherapy. Give it a shot: in 30-second increments, turn on only cold water, then really hot water (though not scalding!) and, finally, really cold water. We’re pretty sure that’ll get you ready for your day! If showering isn’t an option, try splashing some cold water on your face — simple, but extremely effective.

10. Practice self-acupressure
The Chinese have been using the art of acupressure for thousands of years, and modern studies confirm that applying pressure to certain parts of your body might help you stay awake. To feel revitalized, try massaging these points: the top of the back of your neck on both sides, the back of your hands in between the thumb and forefinger, just below both knees and the center of the soles of your feet.

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